New Certification: AWS Cloud Practitioner

After about a month of preparation, I was able to successful sit Amazon’s AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. This is the first of many that I hope to obtain. I was unable to obtain the AWS Solutions Architect Associate at first go, so I regrouped and took this foundation course in hopes that it would boost my knowledge and reinvigorate my desire to pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. The exam was a good overview of the offerings AWS has to offer. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to dip their toe in AWS.

The exam is geared towards sales individuals, account executives and business analysis who have the desire to express their understanding of AWS’s core cloud offerings. The exam isn’t terribly technical, but it did have quite a few questions that I would consider “technical at heart”.  However, many of the questions did revolve around costs analysis, business use cases, etc. I would highly recommend A Cloud Guru’s Course to prepare you for the exam. Although this is a entry level exam, I would highly recommend that you spend enough time to properly prepare for the exam. I believe my extra time preparing really made the difference.

Now that I have achieved this small win, I can focus my studies and sit the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. My experience with this exam was unique to say the least. It was extremely difficult, and during the exam it was obvious that I wasn’t prepared enough. Now that I have had time to reflect, I know I can prepare properly this go-around and give it another shot!



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