How to: Upgrading your Data Domain OS (DDOS)

How to upgrade your Data Domain OS (DDOS)

Recently I was hit with an email indicating that my Data Domain had experienced a file system panic. The end result was a file system reboot during during backups.


Alerts History


Id     Post Time                  Clear Time                 Severity   Class        Object   Message

—-   ————————   ————————   ——–   ———-   ——   ————————————————————————-

m0-5   Tue Mar 13 18:29:28 2018   Tue Mar 13 18:29:48 2018   ERROR      Filesystem            EVT-FILESYS-00008: Filesystem has encountered an error and is restarting.

—-   ————————   ————————   ——–   ———-   ——   ————————————————————————-

There is 1 historic alert.


After working with support, it was determined that the issue was due to an issue with memory allocation. I was given the below KB regarding my issue.

“DataDomain FS process (ddfs) may crash with memory allocation failures, but available memory still exists:

Resolving the issue requires an upgrade. In this instance, we will be going from DDOS to

First, before we get too far, let’s generate a support bundle in order to have a good known system state, before the upgrade.

First, log into you your Data Domain, and head down to the Maintenance tab on the left hand of the screen. Then select support.

Support Bundle 1

Click on the Support Bundles Tab, then select Generate Support Bundle. This process could take a few minutes, so be patient.

Support Bundle 2

Next, once you have the support file generated, you can know proceed to downloading the DDOS RPM you wish to upgrade to.

Downloading the file requires a login to Once you login, search for DDOS under downloads. You will then be able to browse the family DDOS version, etc.

DDOS Download Page

Once you locate the DDOS version you wish to download, click the link. Additionally, you can use this link to find the DDOS upgrade you wish to download.

DDOS Download Page 1

Once you click the link, a PDF file will begin to download.

DDOS End User Agreement

Once it completes, review the end user agreement, and select agree at the bottom.

DDOS Download Agreement

The download should now complete, and we can proceed with uploading the DDOS RPM package to the Data Domain.

DDOS Upgrade Upload

Ensure the download has uploaded successfully.

DDOS Upload Check



If you haven’t already, reboot your system. It’s always best to reboot your appliance before upgrade to ensure hidden issues are brought to the surface. Additionally, always check with support, the compatibility matrix, etc. You can check the Matrix here. Always check with support, and don’t upgrade unless you are comfortable. You can create serious trouble if you don’t do the steps outlined by Dell EMC. Check their documentation and open a ticket to ensure a smooth upgrade process.


Now that I have scared you enough, let’s proceed with the upgrade!

Next, its time to run the precheck command to ensure the system has met all requirements before upgrading.

Head over to PuTTY and login to the system, then run the following command, system upgrade precheck (this command will vary depending on your RPM, make sure that the numbers for your DDOS version align with the version you are installing)

The command will kick off the precheck.

DDOS Upgrade Pre-Check 1

The status will display the current progress, this may take some time.

DDOS Upgrade Pre-Check 2

Once the precheck completes, the results should show no issues.

DDOS Upgrade Pre-Check 3

We are now ready to issue the upgrade command to perform the system upgrade. Make sure you have no active backups, file system cleaning jobs running, etc. Ensure the Data Domain is quiet with no active sessions.

Once you have confirmed that there is no activity, issue the following command to upgrade the appliance, system upgrade and/or system upgrade start

You will now be asked to confirm if you really want to upgrade. Select yes to continue.

DDOS Upgrade 1

The upgrade is now underway, there is no going back now 🙂

DDOS Upgrade 2

You can now see the progress of the upgrade.

DDOS Upgrade 3

During this step, you may see the file system waiting to be shutdown.

DDOS Upgrade 4

The install progress continues.

DDOS Upgrade 5

Logging into the GUI will show the progress from the System Upgrade location. This is an alternative method to view the progress of the upgrade.

DDOS Upgrade 6

Once the system reaches phase 3/4, the system will reboot. The upgrade will continue to take some time.

DDOS Upgrade 7

After some time, this will vary on your appliance model, you should see Pings start back up indicating that the appliance is alive and well. You can now login to the appliance to check the upgrade status.

Issue the following command to see if the upgrade has completed successfully, which is system upgrade watch

DDOS Upgrade 8

If the upgrade is still in progress, you will see a status of the progress. With my upgrade, the status displayed There is no upgrade or precheck in progress, indicating that the upgrade was indeed successful. To confim I logged into the GUI and saw that the version now shows

DDOS Upgrade 9

This completes the upgrade process, and I am looking forward to having the enhancements released with this code version of DDOS!



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