How to: Upgrading DellEMC PowerProtect

In this blog post, I will show how easy it is to upgrade a PowerProtect Virtual Instance running within VMware. If you have ever administered Avamar before, you know just how painful it can be to upgrade.

It consisted of:

    1. Open a SR
    2. Performing a health check
    3. Downloading several RPM files that were GBs in size,
    4. Uploading those files to the node
    5. Running Prechecks (Better Hope you Checkpoint didn’t fail)
    6. Making sure your Data Domain on a code that was compatible with Avamar
    7. Taking a Checkpoint, stopping all backup jobs, Replication jobs, etc

Normally this would take several hours. Then once that was done (if you didn’t have any issues with the file system), you would ensure GSAN and MCS is working. To say the process was easy would be an understatement. The process often took weeks to plan and execute.

Thankfully, upgrading the PowerProtect Data Manager is much easier. I was able to download the patch, upgrade the appliance and resume backups in about an hour.


To get started log into the appliance.


Select Upgrade.


Select Upload Package.


Select the previously download package, and select Open.


The file will now upload.


The upload may take several minutes.


Once you get confirmation the package has been uploaded, select OK.


You will now see a prompt to upgrade. When you select “Upgrade” the process, which includes VMware taking a snapshot of the server, begin. The snapshot will allow you to roll back if issues are experienced during the upgrade.


The final confirmation includes putting the Lockbox Passphrase in (normally the same as Root).


Select YES to confirm the upgrade process.


The upgrade process now begins. Do not interrupt the process.


You will now see the Upgrade status displayed. This process may take several minutes to complete.


Continue to monitor and watch the install progress as each RPM is installed.




Once the upgrade has been completed, at 100%, you can refresh the page if it doesn’t redirect you to the PowerProtect main screen. Once that completes, you have been upgraded.

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