The virtualboi is a personal blog by me, Stephen Owens. The name virtualboi is a play from my younger days, where I was considered “pc boi”. A pcboi is someone who does all things related to PCs, such as installing computers, replacing hard drives, installing “Office, Adobe Reader, Flash, etc”. It was derived from a large deployment I was involved with, and my days were mainly spent traveling to numerous locations so that I could crawl under desk, navigate within a rat’s nest of cables, and replace old dusty computers soaked with years old coffee stains. I was joyfully referred to as the pcboi! Thankfully, I have graduated from pcboi to the virtualboi, where my job duties revolve around #VMware and #DataProtection. I have a true passion for DataProtection, VSAN, and all things Virtual. I hope this becomes an accelerator to my involvement within the VMware community.