How to: Configuring GPU Passthrough on a Virtual Machine


GPU Capability on a VM

Recently there’s been a lot of talk regarding Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, AI, etc. All of these industry buzz words have been the talk of the industry. These technologies now are starting to creep into the world of Virtualization. About ten years ago, it was all about moving away from Physical to Virtual, but now the conversation is starting to shift to a new conversation, which is Virtualization of new and emerging workloads.

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Central MS VMUG – Q3 Meeting – Presented By Datrium


Today, the Central MS VMUG had its Q3 meeting. Since I am a VMUG Co-Leader I was able to help setup this meeting, which was my first. Everyone had a great time networking and learning. The food at Lou’s was great as usual!

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Day One Recap: VMworld 2018


Wow! What an amazing day of announcements from VMworld 2018! If you didn’t already know, today was the first day of VMworld 2018, and it didn’t disappoint! Although I’ve never been to VMworld, I always follow each years event closely. With that said, I will be blogging each day to recap the major highlights and developments from the event.

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New Certification: CompTIA Security+


Last week I attended a CompTIA Security+ boot camp. During the duration of the class, I was trying to make the decision: Do I take the exam at the end of the course on Friday, or do I wait and take the exam after more preparation? Interestingly, the CompTIA Security+ Exam just changed from the SY0-401 format to the SY0-501. The new format is more difficult, and the old format is being phased out within two months. Fortunately, after a week long boot camp and many nights of long studying, I was able to successfully sit and pass the CompTIA Security+ Examination. The Exam was quite difficult, with my examination having 90 minutes to complete 83 questions total. In order to pass the exam, one must obtain a score of at least 750 out of 900. Most of the questions are scenario based, so make sure you prepare accordingly and review all of the exam objectives. It took me the entire 90 minutes to complete the exam, but in the end all of the hard work and preparation paid off. This new certification will help me within my career going forward. If you have any questions regarding the Security+, please let me know!

The Certification was a requirement for my new employer, which leads me to my next announcement. I recently left my job for a new opportunity. This was a tough decision, but in the end it was the right choice. The below photo was taken on my last day.


Best of luck to all who remain there, I am exited about my future and excited for this new opportunity.

How to: Part Two – Configuring PureStorage Plugin for Veeam


How to : Part Two – Configuring PureStorage Plugin for Veeam

Last week, I wrote a blog on how to install the PureStorage plugin for Veeam. In this blog post, I will show you how to configure the PureStorage Plugin within Veeam. This quick and easy process is required in order to utilize all of the PureStorage+Veeam awsomeness!


Before we proceed any further, please take note of the following requirements. These requirements are necessary if you wish to utilize Storage Array Snapshots for Backups.

  • Veeam Backup and Replication Enterprise Plus licensing
  • Physical Proxy server with FC/iSCSI access to the PureStorage array (This proxy must be physcical and be zoned/have access to all LUNS housing VMs that you wish to backup/protect)
  • PureStorage array (no additional licenses are required to take snapshots on PureStorage. Go team Orange!)
  • Veeam Backup and replication server must have access to the PureStorage array over the network/Firewall. Port 443 must be allowed in order to access to the PureStorage Array

*Important Note: You can still add the PureStorage array without having a Physical Proxy setup; however, you won’t be able to backup VMs without it*


According to Veeam’s website, the following benefits are described below (Taken From Veeam’s Website)

  • Reduce impact on performance of production workloads
  • Enable granular recovery from storage snapshots
  • Application consistent storage snapshot orchestration
  • Automated restore verification and on-demand labs: “Put your data to work”

If you would like more information on this, or if you aren’t a Pure customer, reach out to my buddy Brandon @PureStorage via Twitter at @bdwill

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